mixed media on canvas , 60 x 50 cm


“d’ ouwe kerke”, Retranchement. (NDL)

music by George De Decker

In 1975, composer Luciano Berio wrote a piece for 40 singers and 44 musicians:
In the execution is the singer next to each instrument.
The music, a mosaic of sounds and texts, is equal and just stunning emotional narrative:
the key phrase from which Berio departs is a verse of Pablo Neruda:
"Venid a ver la sangre por las calles" or: "Come and behold the blood in the streets” –
an allusion to the brutal seizure of power by General Pinochet in Chile.

Nevertheless Berio surpasses this political pamphlet with his music:
within the choir of 40 singers, he wants to control the chaos of
our modern sound universe with each voice.

In 2016 George De Decker heard accidentally this work on the radio.
Struck by the music (especially the vocals) and without knowing the context of the work he begins to paint several paintings, in for him unusual palette of reds.

After he has traced the history of the work he decides to paint a series of the same name, consisting of 31 paintings –
a reference to the 31 stories that are sung in Berio's work.

Each painting is both individually conceived and one part of a whole:
31 voices with its own pictorial story,
31 solos in a chorus of paintings.

Coro avond II-III-IV stoelen  .jpg