mixed media on canvas, 200  x  200 cm

acryl on paper  9 x 25 x 25 cm

“Now we recognised the noise that we had heard earlier in the air;

it was not in the air, it was close to us now.

In the depths of the forest it resounded near us and came

from the twigs and branches as they splintered and fell to the ground. It was all the more dreadful as everything else stood motionless. Not a twig, not a pine needle stirred in the whole glittering brightness, until after an ice-fall a branch would come crashing down. 

 Then all was silent again.”


from ”Die Mappe meines Urgrossvaters”

Adalbert Stifter   (1805 – 1868)

was an Austrian writer, poet, painter, and pedagogue.

He was especially notable for the vivid natural landscapes

depicted in his writing.