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Two cities, two performers, two audiences, one stage: Opravdoví, an investigation of parallel realities in the multiverse.  A networked performance, which through the concurrent movement of solo performers in two locations, explores what it is to be the “real ones”.  Opravdoví premiered simultaneously in UFFO, Trutnov and Moving Station, Pilsen on 26th September 2018.  Uniquely, all technical aspects (video capture, mixing, streaming , mapping, audio and lighting across both venues) of the performance were centrally controlled and synchronised to a few thousandths of a second even though they were 250 km apart.


Concept, Direction & Production:                          & Jana Bitterová (MovementTouch)
Choreography: Jana Bitterová in collaboration with performers
Visual Art, Scenography and Technology:  Studio Biscoe
Performers: Helena Šťávová Ratajová, Roman Zotov-Mikshin
Music: George De Decker
Lighting: Studio Biscoe
Costumes: Jana Bitterová
Production Assistant: Zuzana Hájková
Technicians, Moving Station, Pilsen: Aleš Zemene, Petr Beránek, Jonáš Špaček, Jan Strnad
Production, Moving Station, Pilsen:  Eva Kraftová, Roman Černík


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