mixed media on canvas, 40 x 30 cm

layer by layer
The underlying image disappears
under soft Japanese silk silk paper
as a haze
the memory is obscured

An important source has been Mallarmé poem, “Remémoration d’amis belges” 

in which the poet describes how a mist that covers the city of Bruges gradually disappears:


Comme furtive d’elle et visible je sens

Que se dévêt pli selon pli la pierre veuve

(”As if by stealth and visible I sense

That fold by fold the widowed stone unrobes itself”)


The concept “Fold by Fold” (French translation: pli selon pli) is also very connected with Boulez’ composition “Pli selon Pli” (1957 - 1989 ) as the quoted poem by Mallarmé is not to be found in Boulez’ composition.


First of all, “Pli selon Pli” is the title of a series of white colored paintings by George De Decker. 

They were his first inspiration to write the music for 

Secondly, the composition “Pli selon Pli” by Pierre Boulez has been a source of interest as well when writing the music. And he declares that the origin of his musical composition WIT IN WIT also origins his own research on aphasia:  memories seem to fade away until the skeleton only remains. The approach within WIT IN WIT is a similar one: the skeleton of Bach’s Goldberg Variations only is at the base of the composition.

© Geert Callaert