January 17, SPITSBERGEN had their first performance RAFT. In an unusual setting: the Breeven swimming pool Bornem (BE). This concert took place at the occasion of Art's Birthday. A live concert for a floating audience. SP!TSBERGEN is a brand new Belgian music ensemble, founded by composer and visual artist George De Decker. Harp, accordion, tuba and double bass are combined with live electronics: an unusual, colorful, exciting cross-fertilization. During every concert five young, eminent musicians enter in dialogue with a sophisticated soundtrack. Their score remains open for improvisation. The attention is being focused on a rich palette of timbres as possible: vocal and instrumental sounds, nature sounds, computerized sound manipulation. Also electronics are always subservient. Like the harp, accordion, tuba and double bass it is like a brush that can help painting new landscapes for the ear.

George De Decker (composer, sound designer and conductor)

Barbara Ardenois (accordion),

Michel Labryère (double bass)

Joost Van Duppen (live electronics)

Sophie Baguet (harp)

Berlinde Deman (tuba)


music : George De Decker

video  : Jeroen De Ost

project, sound-recording & production : Ward Weis