CARNETS DE VOYAGE (2014) is a project in which George De Decker portrays musicians by “mapping” their respective talents & temperaments. The idea was born out of his long-time experience as a composer for television documentaries.

But how do you use music to write someone’s biography? 

For a first instalment, De Decker invited his “fetish musician” for a drive in his car: clarinettist Raf De Keninck. He, unsuspectingly, was driven to the village of his youth, and confronted with his roots. Many hours were spent talking and locations in and around Rumst (B) were visited. At these locations, the composer had the musician perform improvisations, inspired by the surroundings: at the house where he was born, the baptismal font of the village church, the tomb of his father, the living room at his mother’s house, the woods that were his playground as a child, the banks of the Nete... and all of this was extensively documented in sound and images.

ES IST WINTER! (2016) is a trip to the vast white landscapes of the North. George de Decker has in recent years become increasingly captivated by the eternal white. He himself has never travelled – but doesn’t that just entice the imagination?  

It started with ØRNEN 1897, a prestigious creation around a 35 meter long and 4.5 meter in diameter zeppelin. In November 2012, the artists George De Decker, Guido De Bruyn and Peter Maschke conceived this multidisciplinary project based on the true story of the North Pole expedition by the Swedish scientist S.A. Andrée, which took place in 1897. In a hydrogen balloon, he departed with two companions from Spitsbergen, to fly over the North Pole, but the expedition failed.  ØRNEN 1897 paid homage to these balloonists, by means of a combination of visual arts, music and film. The première took place in Eindhoven, in 2013.


1  CARNETS DE VOYAGE I (2010 – 2014                                                31’09

On tape: Aline Hopchet (recorder), Els Van Laethem (voice),

Ensor string quartet, George De Decker (organ, harmonium),

Loes Dooren (violin), Pieterjan Vranckx (percussion),Berlinde Deman  (bass tuba)

Recorded at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (October 2014)


2  ES IST WINTER  (2016)                                                                        10’50  

On tape: Berlinde Deman (bass tuba), Filip Vandebril & Ben Faes (double bass),

Els Van Laethem, Herlinde Ghekiere, Annemarie Honggokoesoemo (voices),

Erwin Deleux (piano)

Recorded at De Decker’s home (November 2016)


3  WE MUST SAY NO! (2008)                                                                  09’58

On tape: Els Van Laethem, Annemarie Honggokoesoemo,

Herlinde Ghekiere (voices), Roger Rogiers (vocals)

Recorded at the Gallery Van Campen & Rochtus (September 2008)

Music, editing, mixing, and recording by George De Decker

Music and recording engineer, Ward Weis

Mastering by Raf De Clercq

Photos:    George De Decker, Guido De Bruyn, Corry Heesterbeek, Ward Weis

Text & interview:  Guido De Bruyn

Production: Paul van der Krieken