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George De Decker  

Barbara Ardenois  

Michel Labruyère   

Joost Van Duppen 

Sophie Baguet  

Berlinde Deman 


Simon Behringer

Peter Maschke

An De Hondt

Ward Weis


Festival of Flanders Mechelen and NONA

For the first full-length concert of SP!TSBERGEN, George De Decker was inspired by the unfinished novel, “Le Mont Analogue”, by French author René Daumal (1908-1944).


Daumal wrote extensively about alpinism: "The ascent of the summit serves only one purpose: the adventure of the unknown."


In George De Decker’s work, the imaginary journey is a recurring theme. 

In 2013, he composed i.a: the soundtrack for the multimedia project “Ørnen 1897”, which was written as a paean to the first aeronauts who flew over the North Pole.

Even those who never have seen the Arctic Ocean, has in mind the romantic views of lonely landscapes, glaciers, fjords and especially the eternal ice.

concept, composer, director 


double bass

live electronics 


bass tuba


audio engineer 

set designer and lighting director






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